Thursday, 1 December 2016

A - Z of Weddings: Advice, Attendants and Ambience


A - Z of weddings is going to be a collection of 26 posts, each one relating to a letter of the alphabet. When I first got engaged I didn't know where to start and came across loads of blog posts with their own version of this A - Z of weddings, so I have decided to share my version.

Now your engaged you will be seeking advice from the internet, well I did, but you will also get lots, and I mean LOTS of advice from family and friends. Sometimes it may all get a bit too much and overwhelm you, but honestly, the advice is coming from people who have been married before. Accept it and listen to it. They are your family and friends. You don't have to take their advice but listening and accepting their advice is the best situation, so you don't offend anyone. On the other hand, advice from your Venue coordinator, suppliers etc. should be taken as they are professionals in the wedding industry and most have years of experience in providing the service they are offering.

These are the people who you want to stand by your side on your wedding day. Personally I have chosen my sister and best friend as bridesmaids and my partner has chosen his brother, childhood friend and new long term fried (dating my best friend). As you can see the bridal party attendants don't have to be even on both sides, so don't feel like you have to add another person just so they are the same. The people we have chosen are ones who mean something in our life now and hopefully will do in our future.

Do you sit there and imagine a relaxed, slow paced day, no one feeling like they have to rush from one part of the day to the next? Or is it a bold, bright, loud affair with things happening one after the other with no time to stop and think? How you want the day to feel is where to start when thinking about your dream wedding, making those dreams come true.

Grab magazines, scour the internet for images or use Pinterest, and create mood boards with the theme you like and you then have a visual image of what you are dreaming of.

Do you have any other ideas? A is for.... what? Share with others in the comments below.


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