Sunday, 4 December 2016

A - Z of Weddings: Budget, Best Man and Bridesmaids


Did you enjoy last weeks A-Z of wedding featuring 3 things beginning with A? Well now here is the second instalment telling you all about 3 things beginning with B?

Now this isn't usually the best thing about weddings, but take a reality check and come back from your Pinterest dream world where you have created your perfect wedding day, sit down with your partner and family and discuss your budget. You don't want to be upset further down the planning process if you cant afford something, so its best to discuss it straight away.

Best Man
Trust me with this one, leave it to the groom. This person ideally is someone who has been in the grooms life (and the brides maybe) who has grown up with them and can stand by his (their) side on the wedding day. Also you need to remember that this guy is going to be doing a speech, so prepare for some embarrassing, but funny, stories to come out during that haha.

Bridesmaids are usually chosen by the bride and include close friends and family (like her sister) who will form the role of supporting her during the wedding day. There are also bridal dress appointments that they may attend, plan a bachelorette party and help with decorations that many bridesmaids do to help the bride.

Thank you for coming back to see the second instalment of my version of A-Z of weddings. I really hope you enjoyed reading about the budget, best man and bridesmaids.

What other words beginning with B do you associate with weddings? Let me know in the comments below, and also let me know if you have any other additional comments about the above.


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