Sunday, 11 December 2016

A - Z of Weddings: Checklists, Celebration and Ceremony


Here we go, its part 3 of the A - Z of weddings series, where I now share with you 3 words beginning with C that I think relate to weddings.

When planning your wedding you will be overwhelmed with all the jobs you have to do and will need a way to keep on top of these. Creating checklists that you can cross off tasks when done is a great way to manage the workload. If you type in to Google Search "wedding planning checklists" you will be inundated with loads of free printable/downloadable checklists. Even better you can create some of your own!

Your wedding day is a celebration of the two of you getting married, bringing two families together with the binding of your love. You should enjoy this day and make it a celebration you will never forget. A lot of couples tend to make weddings look like how they see on Pinterest, however you need to add personalisation, creating those special touches that will make the celebration more personal to you both as a couple.


The type of service you and your partner choose should be a personal way for the both of you to declare your marriage to one and other. This is a big decision in the wedding planning (or it was for me) as you choose where you exchange your vows and then where you have the celebration with your family and friends. These could be two separate venues or one, but that choice is to be made by you. We have chosen two and you will see why in my own wedding planning process posts that will be appearing soon.

Are there any other words beginning with C that you associate with weddings? Share them with everyone in the comments below.


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