Sunday, 18 December 2016

A - Z of Weddings: Dancing, Dreaming and Dress


The fourth instalment is here of A-Z of weddings. This week I have focussed on the letter D. D is for dancing, dreaming and dress.

On your wedding day you traditionally have your first dance, bride and father of the bride and mother of the Groom and Groom couple dances. Then it becomes (more often than not) a huge party where you dance the night away. Having a huge dancefloor area is a must if you love dancing and want to see everyone having fun.

Please spend time on Pinterest planning our your dream wedding wants and must haves, creating that "perfect" wedding image you can imagine bringing to life. You only get married once, well hopefully, and you can dream to your hearts content. Just remember to bring yourself back to reality when looking at your budget, you don't want to go into debt because of your dream wedding.

I think this is the most fun task of them all when it comes to planning a wedding. It is when you can spend time swooning over  images of wedding dresses to then be in the wedding dress boutique trying on those dresses that were on the models in the photos. Personally I felt like a Princess trying on wedding dresses at my first appointment with my mum, Granny, Sister and Best Friend. Its the best time to bond with the women in your life.

Is there anything I have missed out that you have thought of or seen anywhere else? Leave your recommendations for the letter D in the comments below.


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