Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Engaged | 4 important things to do straight away.


So you have just got engaged and after you have had some time to let it sink it between you and your partner, all sorts of questions start running through your mind. One of them is more than likely, what do I do now I am engaged. Well here are 4 things I would recommend to you.
  1. Enjoy the moment.
    When your partner asks you to marry them, and you say yes (hopefully) you both should enjoy that moment together. If that's just spending the day together doing something you both love like going shopping, cuddling up and watching your favourite movie or going out for a meal, whatever makes you happy. Take in the emotions and enjoying the special moment that both of you have experienced.
  2. Share the news with your family and friends.
    Now for me this wasn't hard to do as I was proposed to on Christmas Day, at my family home, but if I was at the other side of the world, after enjoying the moment between the two of us, I would have got on the phone and told my family and close friends. Your family and friends will make enjoying the moment all that more special as you will be joining two families together on your wedding day.
  3. Have an engagement party. This isn't for everyone, but having a party to celebrate the news of getting engaged with your family and friends is something that is done all over the world. This could be a huge gathering and involve renting out a room for the evening to hold the party, or it could be a small intimate gathering at your home. As long as it is special and what you both want that is all that matters.
  4. Create memories.  Becoming engaged is a start to the beginning of a lifetime with your partner. Creating memories by doing things you enjoy and documenting those in a medium such as photography, video or even blogging, could be the best thing you ever do. You can then look back on these memories when you are older and you will always have them.


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