Thursday, 1 December 2016

To disscover, be inspired, get organised


-Kelley-Jay Martin

Welcome to Beloved Beginnings.

How are you? Planning a wedding? Well look no further, Beloved Beginnings is here for you to discover, be inspired and get organised.

Beloved Beginnings is my online website, where I can share with you wedding related posts. This could be anything from wedding traditions to dress shopping. Visit the about page to view a little more about what the blog is.

Also here is a little about me. I'm Kelley, a twenty something year old female, engaged to my best friend (yes I know that sounds cheesy but oh well) and planning my wedding. I love writing and have a passion for baking, shopping and love spending time with my family. Well that's enough.... this post is an introduction to the blog, not me. I may share an about me post later on.

Send me an email to for any personal help that you would like with your wedding and I will try my best to give you advice. Let me know your wedding date and your journey so far.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and that you will stay with me through the journey of Beloved Beginnings.


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