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What is wedding stationery?

So you've just got engaged, quickly drafted up your guest list and now you start to think about how to tell all those people when and where your wedding is. You Google search wedding stationery and an huge list like the below appears. See below a brief explanation of what each one is and what they are used for.

Save the dates
These are a way to let your guests know your wedding date and where the location is, so they can make sure to keep the date free. I would suggest sending your save the dates no later than 12 months before the wedding date, because you will follow it with a formal invitation with more details of the wedding (see below). These are mainly sent to guests who will attend the wedding from morning to night, as you don't really need to send to the evening only guests as they will be able to have the evening free in a years time, but trying to get the whole day free if you work is pretty hard nowadays.

To inform guests of your wedding where, when and the what about your wedding. The colour of an invitation sometimes gives guests an idea of the theme of the wedding. They contain the wedding date and location, however these are a more formal way to invite guests to your wedding day. You should include a RSVP card (and stamped envelope) to the invite as well as details about accommodation for your out of town guests and other optional inserts. My favourite optional extras are song request cards, maps, menu options if you need etc.

This is what guests send back you toy to confirm if the are able/unable to attend your wedding. Suppliers such as your cater will need to know numbers up to a month before your wedding date, so it is vital you include a date on there that you need them back to you. You don't want to forget a guests meal.

Evening Only Invitation
If your having a small intimate day wedding and a huge evening reception you will need to send out these invitations to your evening only guests. You don't necessarily need to include any RSVP details as these guests shouldn't affect your numbers.

Order of Service 
This usually is a booklet or piece of card informing those guests at your wedding ceremony the order of which this are happening, like 1. reading xxx, 2. song xxx, 3. vows exchange, 4. final hymn. This isn't a necessity but adds a nice touch to the ceremony, especially if you have chosen songs that directly relate to you as a couple, the words are then printed so the guests are able to sing with the minister etc.

Table Plan
This is what you display to show your wedding breakfast guests which table they will be sitting at. This can be a printed canvas / image, but can also be a mirror with your plan handwritten on etc. You will decide who will need to sit where on your wedding day based on your guest list so you don't have anyone sat with your moaning relative who will kick off. Plan it! Don't just let people sit where they want, it could be a disaster.

Table Numbers/Names
Linked with the above, you will need to either name or number your tables so guests can tell them apart. You need to do this VERY clearly so guests don't end up sat on the wrong table. Its up to you if you mix the two families together or keep them separate, either way, ensure they know where they will be sitting.

Place Cards
Going even further, on the table you can have a place card with each guests name, set at a specific seat. You only really need to include their name, however place cards can have a design on them, your wedding date and table number. Its entirely up to you.

Menu Cards
If you have sent out a menu request to guests asking them to choose their starter, main and dessert, they may have forgotten what they confirmed. Having a menu card for each guest will remind them of that, but also will remind the waiting staff that certain guests have certain meals and so on.  You wouldn't want your cousin who is allergic to fish, have a main course with fish served to them.

I know that there is more (or even less) that you could use besides the list above, however I have provided you with what I think is essential at a wedding.

What wedding stationery would you suggest to have on your big day? Share in the comments below.

CREDIT: All images are from Chosen Touches Wedding Stationery who are a local supplier of The Finest Handmade Wedding Invitations and Stationery. To view their full range visit their website as previously linked.


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