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Wedding planning so far...

When I got engaged on 25th December 2015 I didn't realise how stressful things would now become. You can read my engagement story in my previous post, if you want to know the details as I aren't going to go into too much detail in this post. Here, I am going to talk to you about what has happened in the last year (2016) since getting engaged.

December 2015
Christmas eve me and my boyfriend (Ben) were at my mum and dads house with my younger sister. Having a few drinks and a cosy night in with board games. During the night my boyfriend kept giving my sister sneaky looks and trying to chat with each other when I wasn't looking or in the room. Long story short (you can read the full engagement story here) he and my sister went to our house, a few doors from my mum and dads and were gone for about an hour, came back and carried on playing games. I was told they had just been wrapping my Christmas and Birthday presents.

Christmas morning came and we did presents at my parents house (with mum, dad and sister) and there was a big box left. I opened it and it was filled to the brim with pieces of white paper crumpled up. There were letters on some and some were left blank. All in all there were 15 pieces of paper I pulled out with something written on them. The message was "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and I was shocked and confused and then a smaller box shaped present was handed to me to unwrap and it was an engagement ring!! Eeeeek I was so excited and hugged my boyfriend, well now fiancé and said yes.

We then called my family to let them know the exciting news. We rushed to my fiancés mum and dads house where we told them the special news and his brother also. We then called his family to let them know.

Boxing Day (26th December) also my birthday, we decided to (as you do) update our Facebook status with the news (after telling close friends) and then we were overwhelmed by the amount of comments and love people gave over the next few days.

January - April 2016
Now we were engaged and it had all sunk in over the new year, we started to think about what type of wedding we would like, who we wanted there and how much we could afford to spend (and save) to cover the costs. Neither of us wanted a large wedding, we loved the idea of having family (whom we see a lot of) and our close friends at the wedding ceremony and day time and then have a big(ish) party in the evening for extended family and friends. Then we thought about what we would be able to realistically afford to enable us to have the day that we wanted.

Late January through to April we did A LOT of things to help with the above. I will be writing blog posts that relate to some of  these steps we took, however I am just going to briefly list them below with a small explanation.
- Visited at least 2 wedding shows / fayres a month
- Attended The National Wedding Show Birmingham in March (tried on my very first wedding dress)
- Looked into wedding budget
- Created a rough draft of guest list for numbers
- Narrowed it down to 2 possible dates for 2018
- Confirmed with the Church we wanted to marry there and SET THE DATE
- Venue hunted for a hotel to hold our wedding reception for our date 2-3 venues a month
- Went back to our venue of choice and had a meeting with their wedding coordinator
- Held the date of the wedding with the hotel
- Started pinning on Pinterest like CRAZY

Over those 4 months we seem to have done loads and created a lot of memories and gathered a very good vison of what we wanted our wedding day to be like.

May 2016
This was the month where Ben and I  took a break from all things wedding, because as you can see we did a lot over the past 4 months! We took a break to Brighton for a long weekend and we relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and the sea breeze. I love the seaside and always have as a child. It is always good to take a mental break from wedding planning and a change of scenery so you can relax and live without been wedding focussed 247 haha!

June &  July 2016
We finally took the big step and booked our wedding venue for the reception! It was such a huge step to make as it mean that the date was set in stone, a deposit was put down and the contract was signed. Wow it felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. The biggest milestones (well what I think they are) were now overcome and we could relax a little now. We also now started thinking about who we wanted to be Maid of Honour, Best Man and our bridesmaids and ushers. I knew I wanted to ask in August as it then marked 2 years until the wedding.....

August 2016
It was the beginning of August and I started at looking, on Pinterest mainly, at ways to "propose" to who we wanted to be in our bridal party. Thanks to having used a company before for speciality cakes, I emailed Baker Days who then discussed with me by email and over the phone the idea of using their cakes as individual proposal cakes. Their cute letter box cakes were a great idea! We ordered 5 cakes, one for my sister (MOH), my fiancés brother (Best Man), their childhood friend (Usher) our close friend (Bridesmaid) and her boyfriend who is a close friend of ours also (Usher). When the cakes came in their own little boxes and tins we opened them all up and took the photo as per the below. All of them were chuffed with their cakes (even though they were the tiny) but cute and personalised! A huge thank you to Baker Days for been very helpful and making our idea possible.

September & October 2016
September was really a quiet month again for not doing anything wedding related as such. I kinda got a little pin happy this month on Pinterest and created my own private mood board for wedding inspiration for our big day. I am afraid I cant share this with you as it is personal to Ben and I for our wedding inspiration. October we went away on our first holiday abroad to Fuerteventura. It was such a great holiday and I will share a couple of pictures below in a collage. It was a lovely memory we created and cannot wait to create many more.

November 2016
This is a big one. I saw a Wedding Dress store local to me was holding a preview of the 2017 collection of a designer who I loved. It was time for my fist actual main wedding dress appointment where I tried on 14 dresses from the Alfred Angelo Collections. My mum, sister, granny and best friend(bridesmaid) came to the appointment and it was amazing. As I was so short I was stood on one of those tables from a nest of 3 haha so I could get an idea of how the dresses flowed down. I left the day feeling very overwhelmed and undecided between two dresses from a certain collection. I think  now as writing this post (in February 2017) I have decided on the dress I love the most and felt the most confident in. All I need to do now is find somewhere that has it in stock and try on one last time before saying yes to the dress!

December 2016
This is 6 months since putting our deposit down on the wedding reception venue and the second deposit was due to be paid. We have done this now and will be paying a little off every month in 2017 so that we know what we have paid and when.

Now 2016 has gone, we have got a year and a half until our wedding date. Let me know what types of posts you would like to see and I will try and do my best to show them.

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